Celebrating Faith and Devotion: The Feast of Our Lady of Good Health in Velankanni

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The Pilgrimage Town of Velankanni

Located in the serene state of Tamil Nadu, Velankanni is a coastal town renowned for its Roman Catholic shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Good Health, also affectionately known as Our Lady of Velankanni. Every year, this small town transforms into a bustling hub of religious fervor and spiritual solemnity, attracting thousands of devotees from across India and around the globe.

Historical Roots

The origins of the shrine and its festival are steeped in legends that date back to the 16th century. According to popular belief, the Virgin Mary appeared with the infant Jesus in Velankanni at three different times, each time performing miracles, which laid the foundation for the deep spiritual significance of the location. Over time, the modest shrine evolved into the Basilica it is today, serving as a beacon of hope and faith.

The Festival of Our Lady of Good Health

The festival begins on August 29th and spans 11 days, concluding with a grand feast on September 8th, the day that commemorates the nativity of the Virgin Mary. This period marks an extraordinary time in Velankanni, as the town gears up to host an influx of pilgrims from diverse backgrounds, each carrying their own stories of faith and seeking blessings.

Ceremonies and Rituals

The festivities commence with the ceremonial hoisting of the flag at the church, signaling the start of an intense spiritual journey for many. The church, adorned in vibrant decorations, becomes the focal point of the celebrations.

One of the highlights of the festival is the procession involving the palanquin of the Virgin Mary, which is carried through the town. This procession is not only a display of devotion but also a vibrant spectacle of color and music, with devotees singing hymns and carrying candles.

Spiritual Activities

Throughout the festival, the church holds special masses and prayer meetings, attended by thousands. The prayers are conducted in multiple languages, reflecting the inclusive nature of the shrine’s appeal. Devotees engage in various religious activities, such as the Novena, a series of prayers offered over nine days.

Cultural Integration

The festival is also a time for cultural celebration. Stalls line up selling religious artifacts, traditional foods, and crafts. Cultural performances, depicting local folklore and religious stories, are staged, adding a festive mood to the solemn atmosphere.

The Car Procession

One of the most awaited events is the car procession, where the statue of Our Lady is mounted on a beautifully decorated vehicle and paraded through the town, accompanied by bands and dancers. This procession exemplifies unity and collective devotion, drawing participants from various faiths.

Impact on Pilgrims

For many, the festival is a profound spiritual journey, an opportunity to seek solace, healing, and blessings from the Virgin Mary. The testimonials of miracles and answered prayers contribute to the shrine’s reputation as a place where faith manifests powerfully.


The Feast of Our Lady of Good Health is not just an annual religious event; it is a vibrant celebration of faith, culture, and community. It represents a place of universal appeal, transcending religious and cultural boundaries to unite people under the banner of shared devotion and hope. As Velankanni lights up each year, it reaffirms the power of faith and the enduring grace of the Virgin Mary, making the festival a truly divine experience.

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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