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 Please share your thoughts and experiences related to every topic in this blog to build an active community around each topic, in the comments section below each blogpost. Your valuable insights do matter to the community. Let’s explore together and unlock all the hidden gems of India’s ancient scientific treatises, ancient temples, holy shrines, ageless timeless arts, crafts and textiles, archeological sites etc, for the benefit of humanity. Share your heritage stories – Your personal stories or connections to India’s rich heritage. Have a question? Ask away!!! And seek clarifications from the community.

  1. We encourage discussions that share knowledge and bring us together. It is vital that our community remains a haven for positive interaction, free of any form of hatred or malice. Should such content arise, it will be necessary to remove it to preserve the integrity of our discussions.
  2. Let’s ensure our community serves as a beacon of knowledge and unity. We do not tolerate hatred or malice and will take action to remove any discussions that harbor such sentiments. Together, let’s build a respectful and inclusive forum for all.