About Mala Chandrashekhar

Mala Chandrashekhar with Tanjore Painting Backdrop

Mala Chandrashekhar is a sincere & dedicated patron of ethnic Indian arts, crafts & textiles. She has stayed across the length & breadth of India during her husband’s tenure in The Indian Armed Forces Medical Corps. This gave her the rare opportunity to explore the unfathomable ethnic treasures of every nook & corner of India.

Mala is busy these days finding ways to promote the rich cultural heritage of India worldwide through internet, and through multifarious new-age digital marketing techniques. This is a subject extremely dear to her heart.

The purpose of maintaining this blog on India’s glorious cultural and spiritual heritage, is to bring prosperity in the lives of all those who are striving hard to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India & relentlessly promoting it worldwide either as a passion or a profession.

She is a Huffington Post Contributor on India’s cultural heritage & its ageless, timeless ethnic arts, crafts & textiles. Here are some of her write-ups :

How We Can Breathe New Life Into The Clay Dolls Of Krishnanagar

Preserving Our Rich Handicrafts’ Tradition Means Lifting Artisans Out Of Poverty

Mala Chandrashekhar’s LinkedIn Profile : https://in.linkedin.com/in/mala-chandrashekhar-04095917a

Contact Email : indianartsandcrafts2008@gmail.com