For any query or any topic readers wish to discuss, they are encouraged to share their thoughts in the comments section located directly beneath each blog post. This enables them to access valuable information not only from blogger/aggregator/curator Mala Chandrashekhar but also from other engaged readers.

Due to overwhelming number of emails Mala Chandrashekhar receives on a daily basis, individually responding to each one is an arduous undertaking, despite her genuine dedication in reading every message.

Hence, she is not sharing her contact email.  This is also for not receiving unsolicited emails or spam. It prevents potential misuse of email address, which is not so uncommon.

Promoting Public Interaction:

  • When readers know they can’t reach you via email, they’re more likely to engage in public discussions.
  • We encourage readers to share their experiences, thoughts, ask questions, and provide feedback directly in the comments section below each blog post.

Community Building:

  • A vibrant comments section fosters a sense of community. Readers can interact with each other, share insights, and learn from different perspectives.
  • Responding to comments publicly allows others to benefit from the conversation.