Splendor and Tradition: Syrian Christian Weddings in Kerala

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Kerala, often referred to as “God’s Own Country,” is a region known for its picturesque landscapes, lush greenery, and a rich tapestry of diverse cultures and communities. Among these communities, the Syrian Christian community stands out for their unique customs and traditions, particularly their grand and lavish weddings. These weddings are a reflection of the rich history, strong religious roots, and love for celebration that define the Syrian Christian community in Kerala.

A Glimpse into the Syrian Christian Community

The Syrian Christian community of Kerala traces its roots back to the arrival of St. Thomas the Apostle in India around the 1st century. It is believed that St. Thomas converted several Brahmin families to Christianity, and these early converts form the foundation of the Syrian Christian community in Kerala. Over the centuries, the community has thrived, retaining its Christian faith while integrating various elements of Kerala’s culture and traditions.

The Grandeur of Syrian Christian Weddings

Syrian Christian weddings in Kerala are renowned for their grandeur and extravagance. These weddings are not just about two people coming together; they are a celebration of faith, family, and culture. Here are some aspects that make these weddings stand out:

  1. Elaborate Pre-Wedding Rituals: Syrian Christian weddings are preceded by an array of pre-wedding rituals, including engagement ceremonies, the exchange of wedding rings, and the “Kacha” ceremony, which involves the exchange of gifts between the bride and groom’s families. These rituals serve to strengthen the bond between the two families and are often celebrated with great fervor.
  2. The Wedding Attire: The bride and groom’s attire is a striking aspect of Syrian Christian weddings. Brides typically wear exquisite white wedding gowns, often reminiscent of Western bridal gowns. The groom, on the other hand, dons traditional white attire, symbolizing purity and new beginnings.
  3. Traditional Thali Ceremony: The Thali ceremony, also known as the “tying of the knot,” is a pivotal moment in a Syrian Christian wedding. The Thali, a sacred necklace, is tied around the bride’s neck by the groom, symbolizing the union of two souls. This moment is accompanied by blessings and prayers, reinforcing the importance of faith in these ceremonies.
  4. Lavish Feasts: No Syrian Christian wedding is complete without a sumptuous feast. The cuisine at these weddings is a fusion of Kerala’s rich flavors and Christian traditions. Delicious dishes like appam, stew, and biryani are often served to guests in abundance.
  5. Exquisite Decor: Syrian Christian weddings are renowned for their opulent decorations. Churches and wedding venues are adorned with flowers, candlelit aisles, and intricate d├ęcor, creating a fairy-tale setting for the ceremony.
  6. Music and Dance: Music and dance play a significant role in Syrian Christian weddings. Live bands and choirs provide melodious tunes, and guests often engage in joyful dances to celebrate the occasion.
  7. Guest List Extravaganza: Syrian Christian weddings are typically attended by large gatherings of family and friends. The guest list often runs into the hundreds, making these celebrations truly grand affairs.


Syrian Christian weddings in Kerala are a magnificent blend of faith, tradition, and the love for grand celebrations. These weddings serve not only as a union of two individuals but also as a testament to the rich history and cultural diversity of the Syrian Christian community. Their elaborate pre-wedding rituals, splendid attire, and extravagant feasts all contribute to the grandeur of these celebrations. Ultimately, these weddings reflect the enduring spirit of the Syrian Christian community in Kerala, celebrating love, faith, and the joy of coming together in grand style.

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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