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Dakshin : An Authentic South Indian Luxury Dining Iconic Brand of India’s ITC Hotel

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ॐ श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः
 ॐ श्री शिवानन्दाय नमः ॐ श्री चिदानन्दाय नमः

ॐ श्री दुर्गायै नमः 

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Swami Sivananda Saraswathi of The Divine Life Society Rishikesh on Vegetarianism

Luxury Dining Iconic Brands of ITC Hotel :

Rated high by food connoisseurs all over the world, ITC Hotels takes exceptional pride in showcasing its internationally renowned cuisine.

Dakshin @ The Sheraton, New Delhi: Southern Splendour - Indian Food Freak

ITC Hotels is one of the first to introduce branded cuisine in India. The Bukhara and Peshawri restaurants give connoisseur to the outdoor cuisine of the Northwest Frontier Province.

Dakshin on the contrary, brings together the highly evolved cuisines of the four southern states- Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Dum Pukht , a unique restaurant is dedicated to a 200-year old culinary tradition of slow cooking food- the fragrance of which becomes an invitation befitting royalty.

Coming to the sumptuous fare at  K&K , it comprises of a mouth-watering array of kebabs and a wide range of dishes from all over India that are referred to as Quarmas, Qaliyas or Salans.

West View also brings a careful selection of western cuisines from the remote France chateaux, grill houses on the East and West coasts of America, rosy kitchens of English manors, leisurely Mediterranean villas and bustling German marketplaces.

The Pan Asian serves specialities from China, Thailand, Mongolia, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Royal Vega displays a delightful offering of delectable vegetarian food from the magnificent royal kitchens of India. Pan Indian in nature, the cuisine explores the blend of condiments, vegetables and lentils with a generous dollop of jouissance.

Tian-Asian Cuisine Studio – the new gourmet experience unfolds an amalgamation of creative Asian flavours and textures to discover avant-garde cooking techniques and culinary masterpieces from Japan, Korea, Thailand, China and beyond.

In accordance with Luxury Dining, ITC Hotels Master Chefs have developed delightful options that specifically cater to the tacit requirements of both formal and informal gatherings.

Luxury Dining at Dakshin :

The celebrated tastes of  Southern India

Dakshin Coastal, ITC Maratha

Recognised as the “best south Indian restaurant”, Dakshin showcases south Indian tradition with a delicate blend of the cuisine of the four states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

DAKSHIN, Bengaluru - Vasanth Nagar - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number &  Photos - Tripadvisor

At Dakshin we strive to recreate the splendour of southern cooking and revive the disappearing lifestyle of peninsular india. A place unique for its authentic presentation of the finest creations from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

Dakshin at ITC Hotels has a New Menu | Foodaholix

The use of vessels like ‘Urli’ and ‘Adukku’ will kindle your imagination to a bygone era in a seating that epitomizes the rich culture heights of this part of the country.

Dakshin takes its inspiration from the temples of southern India ,because of which the ambience of the restaurant is reflective – lovingly creating a comfortable ambience added to by the muted tones of Carnatic music in the background.

Dakshin beckons connoisseurs from all over the globe to savour the delights of South Indian cuisine in all its ancient, yet vibrant glory.

Dakshin at ITC Hotels has a New Menu | Foodaholix

 It is indeed impossible to imagine non-veg South Indian food. But get ready to be surprised with the best of all South Indian states at Dakshin – right from the interesting cutlery to the music , everything fits together to set a perfect ambience .

Dakshin serves exotic varieties of South Indian food with complimentary rice crackers that are lip-smacking .

The place truly lives up to its reputation – to select the main course , one has a vast variety to go through – from the Dakshin Yera, a deep fried prawn speciality to the Mamasam Kajepu , dishes like Kerala chicken curry along with some malabar paratha and super soft appam further add to your delight!

New Menu at Dakshin by ITC Kakatiya - Hyderabad Food Guy

Dakshin never scores low in its ambience- the pan fried seasonal fish is a must try here.

The filtered coffee termed Maitre Coffee because of its chicory free blend of Robusta and select coffee beans, paired with a mouth-watering dessert like the very famous badam halwa and basundi, prove that the service delivered at Dakshin is top notch , just as one would expect from a five star hotel.

Dakshin Invites you to Celebrate “Onam” | HungryForever Food Blog

With recipes collected from four South Indian states of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka; each dish is reflexive of its particular topography, of the regional spices used, differing variety of rice, particular colonial influences and the typicality of the meat used – the beauty of which lies in the details and the love with which each dish is crafted.

 In keeping with the ITC tradition, Dakshin is the result of years of research and trials across the four southern states of India, by our team of chefs and culinary experts.

Gourmands from traditional south Indian communities were invited to sample the dishes as they were being developed resulting in some of the most delectable dishes from the region.

Each item on the menu is cooked in its own spices and style , which are distinctively away from the idlis and dosais, typically associated with South Indian cuisine. For instance at mealtimes, there are many specialities, which grace the average south Indian table.

The people in Andhra Pradesh are passionate about their Gongura Mamsam, the Keralites savour their Meen Moilee, the Chettiyars feast on their Chicken Chettinad and the Bunts from Karnataka relish their Masa Stew.

There are many subtly flavoured non-veg dishes, which provide an interesting range of flavours at Dakshin, also including an array of freshly ground chutneys which provide subtle impressions of the main ingredient in them, gracefully complimenting the food, making the meal an experience to savor.

The chutneys just to name a few include –a tomato and onion chutney converting simple ingredients into a feast of flavours, the curry leaf chutney, which is extremely flavourful, the quintessential coconut chutney and the chlorophyll tinted coriander chutney.

The Madhurams (desserts) feature a range of tastes with lentils, milk, rice and coconut being combined in unique ways – showcasing Dakshin’s uncommon collection of Southern India’s most enticing dishes.

 Dakshin takes its inspiration from the temples of southern India – because of which the ambience of the restaurant is reflective – at the entrance is placed the traditional brass lamp (Velaku) and the Urli (vessel) with flower petals floating in water.

The temple influence is further enhanced by the temple door menu design and the ceiling lights in the shape of temple bells. Traditional woodcarvings adorn the walls along with south Indian artifacts .

All this, to the accompaniment of South Indian Carnatic music where mirrors adorn some walls adding an illusion of space, and strategic pillars create a sense of privacy for most of the tables.

The lamps are beautifully shaped like temple bells with elephant heads, and the carpets reflect the temple theme with their diya patterns.

Lovingly creating a comfortable ambience added to by the muted tones of Karnatik music in the background, the tables are pre-set with silver thalis and kattories and brass tableware that kindle one’s imagination to a bygone era in a setting that epitomizes the rich and cultural heritage of southern India.

The dishes are also served from traditional vessels like the ‘Urli’ and the ‘Adduku’.

Traditionally attired restaurant staff in ‘panchegajam veshti’ offer hospitality and friendly service with polite suggestions of the various combinations from the four states.

Dakshin beckons connoisseurs from all over the globe to savour the delights of South Indian cuisine in all its ancient, yet vibrant glory.

Swami Sivananda Saraswathi of The Divine Life Society Rishikesh on Vegetarianism

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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