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ॐ श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः ॐ श्री शिवानन्दाय नमः ॐ श्री चिदानन्दाय नमःॐ श्री दुर्गायै नमः 

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Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium

 India is one of the oldest civilizations in the the world. This ancient country’s vast cultural and ethnic diversity is brilliantly depicted in its mind boggling range of mesmerizing handicrafts. 

25 Awesome Cauvery Handicrafts - Handicraft picture in the world
Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium

Indian handicrafts are in great demand all over the world for their exquisite beauty, intricate, artistic work & unimitable elegance. 

Cauvery Emporium of Karnataka in India, markets the beautiful handicrafts of Karnataka under its brand name ‘Cauvery’ through outlets scattered across the country.

Cauvery Emporium of Karnataka

The extraordinarily high standard of craftsmanship maintained by this emporium, has made the name ‘Cauvery’ synonymous with brilliantly crafted handicrafts.

The state of Karnataka in South India, is known all over the world, for its handicraft industry and its unique, traditional masterpieces, made from a variety of materials, like Rosewood, Shivaniwood, Sandalwood etc with intricate traditional designs and time-tested techniques. 

Photos at Cauvery Karnataka State HandiCrafts Emporium - 3 tips
Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium

The dense dark forests of Karnataka, rich in flora and fauna, have been an inspiration for a variety of handicrafts, since centuries.

The Sandalwood, Rosewood & Shivaniwood, grown in abundance in Karnataka, have led to the ageless legacy of exquisite Sandalwood carvings, Shivani wood carvings and intricate Rosewood inlay work.

Shivaniwood statue – as beautiful as Sandalwood statue
Shivani wood Saraswathi of Karnataka
Shivani wood Krishna of Karnataka

Age-old traditions have been kept alive, since time immemorial, by passing on jealously guarded techniques from generation to generation of Master Craftsmen.

However, the onslaught of modernization has sidelined these brilliant craftsmen due to their lack of exposure to the changes of modern times. 

To ensure that the State’s rich tradition of exquisite craftsmanship is ever preserved, developed and promoted, Cauvery Emporium has taken up countless initiatives.

It is tirelessly working in the field in the most  relentless way, for the true upliftment of the brilliant artisans & for the beautiful artform not becoming extinct from the surface of this ancient land. 

KSHDCL has taken up the following initiatives:

  • Identify places where craftsmen are concentrated and set up craft complexes with facilities like living-cum-work sheds equipped with tools and machinery.
  • Provide raw materials like sandalwood, zinc and silver at subsidized rates to the craftsmen.
  • Train craftsmen in creating new designs in mediums like sandalwood, rosewood, lacquer and bronze.
  • Keep craftsmen updated on the changing market trends, by exposing them to the latest technology.
  • Look after requirements of the handicraft industry, for instance, wood-seasoning plants set up at the Multi Craft Complex in Mysore and at the Lacquer ware Craft Complex in Channapatna.
Brass swan oil lamp

Indian arts and crafts are in demand all over the world for their beauty, intricacy and artistic work, adding elegance to any decor. KSHDCL markets the beautiful handicrafts of Karnataka under the brand name Cauvery through outlets across the country.

The high standard of craftsmanship maintained by KSHDC has made the Cauvery name synonymous with quality handicrafts

Bronze Saraswathi

Sandalwood Products

Karnataka known for its finest sandalwood is also popularly known as gandhadagudi – the Land of Sandalwood. Each of the sandalwood creation reflects the splendor & grandeur of Indian Traditional Art.

The art of sandalwood carving has been practiced in Karnataka for at least a thousand years, and Karnataka is world famous for its exquisitely carved figurines with intricate details.

Authentic sandalwood and famous handicrafts of Karnataka the right place -  Reviews, Photos - Cauvery Handicrafts - Tripadvisor
Sandalwood Handicrafts – Cauvery Emporium

The soft aromatic wood can be delicately carved with ease to create elegant masterpieces.

Brass peacock oil lamp

Rosewood – Mysore Inlay Products

Rosewood refers to any of a number of richly hued timbers, often brownish with darker veining, but found in many different hues.

Mysore rosewood inlay work – Wall decor Geetopadesham
Mysore rosewood inlay work – Wall decor royal elephant

All rosewoods are strong and heavy, taking an excellent polish, being suitable for guitars, marimbas, turnery (billiard cues, the black pieces in chess sets, etc.), handles, furniture, luxury flooring, etc.

Learned a new skill in Mysore. | The Art of Rosewood Inlay | Mysore |  learningholiday - Tripoto
Mysore rosewood inlay work – Wall decor – Craftsmen at work
Mysore rosewood inlay work – Wall decor – Githopadesham in Kurukshetra war
Mysore rosewood inlay work – Wall decor Dasavathaaram

Karnataka Handicrafts is one of the reliable providers of a varied range of wooden products like Rosewood Divan. These are crafted from hand-chosen rosewood. These are mainly used in household applications or official purposes.

Searching 'floral designs' | Sairay Rosewood Emporium in Bangalore Urban
Mysore rosewood inlay work – Coffee table
Rosewood Furniture of Karnataka, India - The Cultural Heritage of India
Mysore rosewood inlay work – Swing for portico and living room

Developed using advanced technology, they have longer applicability and are known for their termite-free nature. These wooden products are offered at competitive prices.

Rosewood Furniture of Karnataka, India - The Cultural Heritage of India
Mysore rosewood inlay work – Pooja temple for home

KSHDCL has registered Myosre Inlay work under the Geographical Indication.


Bidhriware – Originating in Bidar, Karnataka in 14th century during the rule of Bahmani Sultans. The name Bidhriware originates from the township Bidar which has still the rich heritage of unique metal ware.

Karnataka: Bidriware: Sought around the world, trashed in Bidar
Bidriware of Karnataka – Lovely corporate gifts
Bidri- a craft like no other! – Lai
Bidriware of Karnataka

Bidhriware is combination of blackened alloy of zinc & copper and inlaid with thin sheets of pure silver.

Bidri pandan
Bidriware of Karnataka – A priced possession
Bidriware of Karnataka – Lovely home decor

Bidhriware has been aptly made to suit contemporary taste such as cufflinks, bangles, goblets, vases, ashtrays, ornaments, knick-knacks, trinket boxes and more.

Mysore rosewood Inlay Table
Rosewood Furniture of Karnataka, India - The Cultural Heritage of India
Mysore rosewood Inlay Dining table set

Bronze Craft

Bronze casting in Karnataka dates back to several centuries when craftsmen meticulously sculpted idols of gods and goddesses. Craftsmen work on the metal to create bronze statuettes, each of which is a masterpiece.

Bronze, Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium
Bronze craft of Karnataka – Ganesha statue

Using their deft fingers and skilled hands, craftsmen cast the solid or hollow metal by the lost wax process, pouring their imagination into the mould.

After casting, intricate designs are worked on the metal, to give life to their creations. The captivating eyes of idols reflect calmness and their gleaming surfaces take you back to the era of myths and legends.

The elegant and exquisite ornaments finely sculpted on the idols depict the style of the Chalukyas and the Hoysalas. The Karnataka Bronze ware is registered under the Geographical Indication Registry – No. 62.

Sandal Wood Elephant – A living room decor
Sandal Wood Elephant – A lovely corporate gift


Lacquerware is a traditional craft of Karnataka, largely practised by craftsmen in Channapatna. The craftsmen called turn the wood by hand or power operated lathe to form the desired shape.

Channapatna wooden toy of Karnataka

The wood used is hale wood which is extremely close grained, moderately hard and ideal for turning.

Channapatna wooden toy of Karnataka – Horse

Lacquer is applied on the wood with coloured lac sticks. Heat is generated by friction and melts the lac which helps in applying the colour uniformly. Palm leaf is then used to give it a fine finish and lustre.

Channapatna wooden toy for children

In recent years, craftsmen have also resorted to hand painting of some articles to attract the urban market.

Non-toxic Channapatna wooden toy of Karnataka for babies

Lacquerware products in vibrant colours suit modern tastes and include toys, bead curtains, bangles, coasters, napkin rings and powder boxes.

Eco-friendly Channapatna wooden toys of Karnataka

Buy Channapatna wooden toys online from Cauvery Emporium

Cauvery’s brick & motor showrooms around India are far superior to their online stores.

Also explore ‘Fairkraft Creations’ to buy Channapatna wooden toys & home decor

KSHDCL has registered Channapatna Lacquerware under the Geographical Indication.

Sandal Wood Elephant – Wood carving of Karnataka
Sandal Wood Elephant for displaying in the living room

Sandalwood products of Cauvery Emporium – Buy Online

Cauvery’s brick & motor showrooms around India are far superior to their online stores.

Perfumery And Agarbathi

Karnataka, the ad of sandalwood, is famous for sandalwood agarbathis and dhoops. Cauvery has also introduced agarbathis in various natural fragrances, including flower perfiume and herbs.

• Incense sticks Sandal, Jai, Rose, Kasturi, Halmaddi, Tulsi and other be
• Sandal Dhoop Sprays of different fragrances Sandalwood oil in vials of different sizes
• Scented sachets and many more

Buy online ‘Perfumery & Agarbatthis’ ( incense sticks ) from Cauvery emporium

Cauvery’s brick & motor showrooms around India are far superior to their online stores.

Sandalwood Krishna
Sandalwood Parvathi
Sandalwood Krishna

Crafts Complexes of Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium

Terracootta pot – A living room decor
Terracootta pot for your portico & living room

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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