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Unveiling the Magnificence of Modhera Sun Temple through the Colorful Dance Extravaganza of Gujarat’s Modhera Festival

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Modhera dance festival of Gujarat

The cultural richness of the state of Gujarat in Western India can well be understood through the multifarious vibrant festivals of Gujarat.

The beauty of the state’s age-old traditions is showcased most flawlessly through the multifarious festivals celebrated in Gujarat all year round.

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Sun Temple, Modhera, Gujarat : Venue of Modhera Dance Festival

Almost all the festivals of Gujarat have something unique and special about them. Some of the top-notch ceremonies/rituals of Gujarat that enjoy global fame include Dahi Handi breaking ceremony, Dhol beating and the mesmerizing Garba dance performances during Navaratri.

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Sun Temple, Modhera, Gujarat : Venue of Modhera Dance Festival

A festival of Gujarat is in fact incomplete without the above mentioned traditional, signature rituals from the state. One such renowned festival of Gujarat is the annual Modhera Dance festival of Mehsana district of Gujarat, drawing dancers & participants from around the world.

Modhera dance festival of Gujarat

Modhera Dance festival is an internationally famous cultural show held at the renowned Modhera Sun temple in the month of January in the third week.

Various Indian classical dance-forms are presented most aesthetically on the occasion of the festival.

The Sun Temple set up offers the most apt environment for the rendition of the beautiful Indian classical dances.

Modhera dance festival of Gujarat

Psychedelic hues of red, yellow, green lights illuminating nooks and corners of intricately carved Sun Temple of Modhera, during dark and breezy nights of January, create a Chiaroscuro effect of time and space! 

The Sun Temple of Modhera is a masterpiece of the Golden Age of the Solanki Empire, which hosts the annual Dance Festival and flaunts the glory and splendor of that historical era.

The Modhera Dance Festival which is also widely known as the Uttarardh Mahotsav.

Modhera Utsav is one of the most famous celebrations of art, music, dance and culture, in this part of the country.

This unique occurrence showcases traditional dance forms of the region as well as acts as a platform for bringing together the cultural ethos of other regions of India.

The temple of the Sun in Modhera narrating the history and grandeur of its patrons, the Royal Solankis, is an architectural marvel. This peerless temple space acts as a grandiose backdrop for the vibrant expression of dancers, and the aesthetic ethnicity of the country.

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Sun Temple, Modhera, Gujarat : Venue of Modhera Dance Festival

Dance troupes and performers from all regions of the nation bring along a panorama of varied dance forms and styles, interlaced with the essence of their origins.

The performers blend in the ambience and bring life to the sandstone figurines carved on the edifice of the temple, singing and narrating legends of times bygone.

Modhera dance festival of Gujarat

The three day festival of Uttarardh Mahotsav is organized by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL), to venerate and celebrate the inherited treasure of performing arts of the country.

Modhera dance festival of Gujarat

The Modhera festival is an ideal opportunity to experience living heritage of Indian dance and music while traversing back in time sitting in the lap of golden history.

The exclusive three day Modhera Dance Festival is held every year during the third week end of January after the conclusion of Uttarayan festival Sankrati.

Where :

The environs of the Sun Temple in Modhera act as a venue and host of this enchanting festival.

History :

Dance or Nritya in India is considered an artistic Yoga revealing the spiritual through the corporeal. In the history of India, classical dance forms and temple architecture have enjoyed a very amiable alliance.

Innumerable literary and historical evidences state the close association of the expressional form of dance and sacred vicinity of temples.

Dance performances presented in the holy premises venerated god while also serving as a platform to convey messages to all social strata on an equal echelon.

‘Nagar Utsav’ was organized in the vicinity of all temples including the sun temples.

In respect of the rich cultural legacy of the country and to revive the tradition, the State Government created the annual event of the Modhera Dance Festival.

Who Comes :

The dance festival is frequently visited by art and dance connoisseurs from all across the world.

Classical and folk dancers and musicians from different states of the country exhibit their talent and flair while culture enthusiasts become part of the festival to witness this splendid event.

Inhabitants and natives from the nearby villages are also an important part of the occasion.

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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