The Sacred and Cultural Festivals of Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Tamil Nadu: A Divine Journey Through the Year

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage


Nestled in the heart of Tamil Nadu, the Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is a beacon of spiritual grandeur and cultural heritage. This ancient temple, dedicated to Lord Ranganatha (a reclining form of Lord Vishnu), is not only a significant pilgrimage site but also a hub of vibrant festivals celebrated with unparalleled devotion and splendor. These festivals, rich in tradition and spirituality, draw devout pilgrims from every corner of India. Here is a detailed guide to the most sacred and cultural festivals of Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple throughout the year.

Vaikunta Ekadasi

When: December – January

Vaikunta Ekadasi, the most celebrated festival at Srirangam, marks the opening of the Vaikunta Dwaram, a special gateway to the sanctum sanctorum. Devotees believe that passing through this gateway on Vaikunta Ekadasi will lead to liberation and a place in Vaikunta (heaven). The festivities last for 21 days, with the first ten days known as Pagal Pathu and the last ten days as Ra Pathu, culminating in the grand Vaikunta Ekadasi day. The highlight is the procession of Lord Ranganatha adorned in splendid jewelry and garments, mesmerizing devotees with His divine presence.

Panguni Uthiram

When: March – April

Panguni Uthiram is another grand festival celebrated to commemorate the divine marriage of Lord Ranganatha with Goddess Ranganayaki. This festival signifies the unity of the divine couple and is celebrated with elaborate rituals, processions, and cultural programs. The wedding ceremony, conducted with utmost devotion, attracts thousands of devotees who witness the celestial union and seek blessings for marital bliss and prosperity.

Chitrai Festival

When: April – May

The Chitrai Festival marks the Tamil New Year and is a vibrant celebration lasting for 15 days. The highlight of the festival is the procession of Lord Ranganatha on a majestic chariot, accompanied by music, dance, and traditional performances. Devotees throng the temple to offer prayers and participate in the festivities, which symbolize new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil.

Aani Thirumanjanam

When: June – July

Aani Thirumanjanam, also known as Ani Brahmotsavam, is a ten-day festival dedicated to the ritualistic cleansing of the temple idols. The deities are bathed in aromatic oils, herbs, and sacred water, followed by special prayers and offerings. The festival is marked by the procession of Lord Ranganatha on various vahanas (vehicles) like the Garuda, Hanuman, and Surya Prabha, delighting the devotees with His divine presence.

Aadi Pooram

When: July – August

Aadi Pooram celebrates the birth of Goddess Andal, one of the twelve Alvars (saint-poets) and an ardent devotee of Lord Ranganatha. The festival is marked by special poojas, recitations of Andal’s hymns, and a grand procession. Devotees believe that participating in this festival and offering prayers to Goddess Andal will bring prosperity and fulfillment of desires.


When: September – October

Navarathri, a nine-day festival dedicated to Goddess Durga, is celebrated with great enthusiasm at Srirangam. Each day of Navarathri is dedicated to a different form of the Goddess, and special poojas, cultural programs, and processions are conducted. The temple is beautifully decorated, and devotees participate in the festivities, seeking blessings for health, wealth, and prosperity.


When: October – November

Deepavali, the festival of lights, is celebrated with great fervor at Srirangam. The temple and its surroundings are adorned with lamps and decorations, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Special prayers and offerings are made to Lord Ranganatha, and the festival symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and good over evil.

Karthigai Deepam

When: November – December

Karthigai Deepam is another significant festival celebrated with the lighting of thousands of lamps in and around the temple. The main event is the lighting of the Maha Deepam on the temple’s gopuram (tower), visible from afar, symbolizing the divine light and the presence of Lord Ranganatha. Devotees participate in the lighting of lamps, offering prayers, and witnessing the grand illumination.

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The Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple stands as a testament to the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Tamil Nadu. Its festivals, celebrated with devotion and grandeur, offer a unique blend of religious fervor and cultural splendor. By participating in these festivals, devout pilgrims can experience the divine presence of Lord Ranganatha, immerse themselves in ancient traditions, and seek blessings for a prosperous and fulfilling life. A visit to Srirangam during these festivals promises a spiritual journey that will leave an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of devotees. So, mark your calendars, plan your visit, and witness the divine celebrations at Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple firsthand.

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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