Sage Boghar of Ancient Tamil Nadu: The Alchemical Mastermind of Siddha Medicine and Spiritual Mysticism

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage


Sage Boghar of Tamil Nadu, also known as Bhogar, is an iconic figure in the annals of Indian history, particularly within the realms of Siddha medicine and alchemy. His contributions are monumental, spanning various disciplines and impacting countless generations. As one of the foremost Siddhas, his legacy is enriched with profound knowledge and pioneering advancements that have shaped the course of traditional Indian medicine and mystical practices.

Boghar’s extensive body of work includes numerous treatises and texts that delve into medicinal herbs, minerals, alchemical processes, spiritual practices, and holistic healing methods. These writings continue to serve as invaluable resources for practitioners and scholars of Siddha medicine, providing deep insights into the integration of diet, lifestyle, and spiritual well-being. Here is a list of some of his most significant writings and contributions:

  1. Boghar 7000: A monumental treatise composed of 7000 verses, detailing a wide array of medicinal formulations, treatments, and the principles of Siddha medicine. This text is considered a cornerstone in Siddha literature.
  2. Boghar Nigandu: An extensive dictionary of medicinal plants and minerals, providing detailed descriptions of their properties, uses, and preparations.
  3. Rasa Ratna Shastra: A work focusing on alchemical processes, particularly the use of mercury and other minerals in medicinal preparations.
  4. Janana Sasthra: A text that delves into the spiritual and philosophical aspects of life, discussing the path to self-realization and enlightenment.
  5. Saptakandam: A seven-part work that explores various aspects of Siddha medicine, including treatments for different diseases, preparation of medicinal compounds, and the philosophical underpinnings of Siddha practice.
  6. Karpam 300: A collection of 300 medicinal formulations aimed at rejuvenation and longevity, emphasizing the use of herbs and minerals to enhance vitality and health.
  7. Varmam 100: A text dedicated to the ancient martial and healing art of Varma Kalai, detailing 100 techniques for manipulating vital points in the body for therapeutic purposes.
  8. Bogar Vaithiya Kaviyam: A poetic work on medical science, combining the art of poetry with the science of medicine to convey complex concepts in an accessible and engaging manner.
  9. Yantra Sastra: A treatise on the creation and use of yantras (mystical diagrams) for spiritual and medicinal purposes, integrating alchemy, spirituality, and healing.
  10. Karpam 12000: Another extensive collection of medicinal formulations, this text provides detailed instructions on preparing and using herbal and mineral compounds for various health conditions.
  11. Vaidya Chinthamani: A comprehensive guide to Siddha medicine, offering insights into diagnosis, treatment, and the holistic approach to health and wellness.

  1. Bogar Chitham: This work explores the intricacies of the human mind and consciousness, offering insights into mental health and spiritual practices that promote mental clarity and emotional balance.
  2. Bogar Jnana Sutram: A philosophical text that delves into the metaphysical aspects of life, discussing the nature of the soul, the universe, and the path to ultimate liberation.
  3. Bogar Roga Nidhanam: A detailed treatise on the diagnosis of diseases, explaining various diagnostic techniques and the underlying causes of ailments from a Siddha perspective.
  4. Bogar Ayurvedam: Although closely related to Siddha medicine, this work incorporates elements of Ayurveda, demonstrating Boghar’s extensive knowledge and his efforts to integrate different medicinal systems.
  5. Bogar Kayakalpa: Focused on rejuvenation and longevity, this text provides recipes and techniques for maintaining youthfulness and prolonging life through the use of specific herbs, minerals, and spiritual practices.
  6. Bogar Charukadai: A text that discusses the preparation and use of medicinal wines and tinctures, highlighting their therapeutic benefits and methods of administration.
  7. Bogar Shastra: A compilation of various scientific and alchemical principles, including the preparation of metals, minerals, and other substances for medicinal and spiritual purposes.
  8. Bogar Pashanam: This work delves into the preparation of “Pashanam” or mercurial compounds, which are believed to have potent healing properties when properly processed and used.
  9. Bogar Thirumoolar Thandhiram: A collaboration with another legendary Siddha, Thirumoolar, this text explores advanced yogic practices, tantra, and the integration of body and mind for spiritual enlightenment.
  10. Bogar Chakra: A treatise on the chakras (energy centers) in the human body, discussing their significance, activation, and balancing through various practices and medicinal preparations.
  11. Bogar Rathina Sindooram: Detailed instructions on preparing “Rathina Sindooram,” a powerful alchemical medicine known for its healing and rejuvenating properties.
  12. Bogar Siddha Vaithiyam: A comprehensive guide to Siddha medicine, covering a wide range of treatments, medicinal preparations, and the principles underlying Siddha healing practices.
  13. Bogar Yogam: A text focusing on the practice of yoga, meditation, and other spiritual disciplines aimed at achieving physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual awakening.
  14. Bogar Kalpa Sutram: Instructions on various “Kalpa” (rituals) for achieving specific spiritual and health-related goals, integrating elements of alchemy, medicine, and spirituality.
  15. Bogar Mantra Shastra: An exploration of the use of mantras (sacred chants) in healing, spiritual practice, and the activation of higher consciousness.
  16. Bogar Kaviyam: A poetic and philosophical work that blends the art of poetry with profound spiritual insights and practical advice for living a balanced and harmonious life.
  17. Bogar Jeeva Samadhi: A treatise on the concept of “Jeeva Samadhi,” where a realized master attains a state of eternal meditation and continues to guide and bless devotees even after leaving the physical body.

Sage Boghar’s vast body of work reflects his immense knowledge and his dedication to advancing the fields of medicine, alchemy, and spirituality. His contributions continue to inspire and guide practitioners of Siddha medicine and spiritual seekers worldwide, preserving his legacy as one of the greatest Siddhas in the history of Indian traditional sciences.

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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