Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay in Kolkata: A Sanctuary of Hindustani Classical Music

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Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, is a city that resonates with the melodious strains of classical music. Amidst the bustling streets and the vibrant cultural tapestry, there exists a hallowed institution that has been the cradle of classical music education for generations. Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay stands as a testament to the rich heritage of Hindustani classical music in this city, nurturing and preserving the soul of this ancient art form.

A Timeless Tradition

Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay is not merely a music school; it is an embodiment of tradition, a sanctuary for the classical music connoisseur. Established with a profound vision to disseminate the profound knowledge of Hindustani classical music, this institution has been a guiding light for countless enthusiasts and aspiring musicians.

The Legacy of the Masters

The history of Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay is woven with the threads of remarkable musical legacies. Founded by visionary individuals who were deeply passionate about classical music, this institution has remained true to its core principles. It has upheld the teachings of legendary maestros, passing them down through the generations. As a result, the legacy of Ustad Allauddin Khan, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, and many other luminaries finds a home within the walls of this institution.

A Holistic Approach

What sets Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay apart is its commitment to a holistic approach to music education. It not only imparts technical proficiency but also nurtures a deep understanding of the historical, cultural, and philosophical aspects of Hindustani classical music. Students here are encouraged to delve into the aesthetics, emotions, and spiritual dimensions of the ragas they perform, thereby creating a profound connection with the art form.

World-Class Faculty

At the heart of this institution’s success are its renowned faculty members. The gurus at Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay are not just instructors; they are musical mentors who inspire, guide, and instill a sense of discipline and dedication in their students. Many of them are accomplished musicians and have performed on prestigious stages across the globe.

The Cultural Epicenter

Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay is not just a school; it’s a cultural epicenter. It hosts numerous events, concerts, and workshops, providing a platform for students to showcase their talent and learn from eminent musicians. The institution also contributes to the cultural vibrancy of Kolkata by organizing various festivals and music-related activities.

Adapting to Modern Times

While deeply rooted in tradition, Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay has also evolved with the times. It offers a variety of courses to cater to the diverse needs of students, including short-term workshops and online classes, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

Maestros at Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay: World-Class Faculty Enriching Kolkata’s Melodic Legacy

Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay in Kolkata has had the privilege of being associated with several world-class faculty members and renowned musicians over the years. While the list may vary depending on the time period, some of the notable faculty members who have been associated with the institution include:

  1. Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty: A highly regarded Hindustani classical vocalist, Ajoy Chakraborty is known for his mastery of khayal and thumri styles of singing. He has been a prominent figure in the world of Indian classical music and has made significant contributions to the institution.
  2. Dr. N. Rajam: A distinguished violinist, Dr. N. Rajam has been associated with Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay. She is known for her virtuosity and expertise in both Hindustani and Carnatic classical music.
  3. Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar: A noted vocalist, Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar is celebrated for his contributions to the Gwalior and Jaipur-Atrauli gharanas. His association with the institution has enriched the musical education offered there.
  4. Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya: An exceptional Santoor player, Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya is renowned for his unique contributions to Indian classical music. He has been an instrumental part of the faculty at Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay.
  5. Smt. Gauri Pathare: A highly accomplished vocalist and exponent of the Kirana and Agra gharanas, Gauri Pathare has been associated with the institution, contributing her knowledge and expertise to the students.
  6. Pt. Kumar Bose: A maestro of the tabla, Pt. Kumar Bose has been a significant figure in the world of Indian percussion. His association with the institution has added depth to the curriculum.
  7. Smt. Sipra Bose: A renowned vocalist and teacher, Smt. Sipra Bose has played a vital role in imparting knowledge to students and preserving the tradition of Hindustani classical music.
  8. Pt. Buddhadev Dasgupta: An eminent sarod player, Pt. Buddhadev Dasgupta was known for his exceptional skills and mastery over the instrument. His contributions to the institution have left a lasting impact.
  9. Smt. Manju Mehta: A proficient sitar player, Smt. Manju Mehta has been associated with the institution, offering her expertise in the teaching of classical music.

Please note that the faculty at Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay may change over time, and there are likely many more accomplished musicians and teachers who have contributed to the institution’s legacy. These are just a few examples of the world-class faculty members who have made significant contributions to the institution’s rich tradition of classical music education.


Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay in Kolkata is a place where the legacy of Hindustani classical music continues to thrive. It is a living testament to the enduring beauty and relevance of this ancient art form. Aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts find not just education but a spiritual journey within its walls. The institution is not just a school; it’s a shrine of classical music, preserving, and perpetuating the soul-stirring melodies of India’s heritage.

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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