Restoring the Past Glory: Thukkachi Abatsahayesvar Temple Near Kumbakonam

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India, with its rich cultural heritage and ancient traditions, is home to countless temples that bear witness to its glorious past. Among these is the Thukkachi Abatsahayesvar Temple, situated in the quaint village of Thukkachi near Kumbakonam. Sadly, this ancient temple, which once stood as a beacon of spirituality, now lies in a state of utter dilapidation. In this blog post, we aim to awaken the people of Indian origin, particularly the residents of Kumbakonam, to the importance of restoring and rejuvenating this revered site. As Kanchi Maha Periya wisely stated, it is our responsibility to focus on renovating these historical temples rather than constructing new ones, harnessing the immense spiritual energy they hold within.

Unveiling the Ancient Treasure:

The Thukkachi Abatsahayesvar Temple is a testament to the architectural brilliance and spiritual fervor of our ancestors. Dating back several centuries, this sacred abode was once teeming with devotees who sought solace and enlightenment within its hallowed walls. The intricately carved sculptures and awe-inspiring murals narrate tales of gods and goddesses, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a bygone era. However, the ravages of time have taken their toll, leaving the temple in a state of disrepair.

Reviving the Spiritual Powerhouse:

The revival of ancient temples like the Thukkachi Abatsahayesvar Temple is not merely an act of physical restoration but a revival of spiritual energy that once permeated every corner. These temples serve as portals, connecting us to our roots and providing a sanctuary for introspection, prayer, and spiritual growth. By resurrecting such temples, we can rekindle the flame of devotion that flickered within our ancestors.

The Message from Kanchi Maha Periya:

Kanchi Maha Periya, a revered spiritual leader, emphasized the importance of prioritizing the renovation of dilapidated temples over the construction of new ones. He urged us to recognize the intrinsic value these ancient structures hold, not just as historical artifacts but as reservoirs of divine energy. By breathing life back into these temples and reinstating daily poojas (ritualistic worship), we can tap into their spiritual potential and foster a sense of community and devotion.

A Call to Action:

To restore the Thukkachi Abatsahayesvar Temple to its former glory, we must come together as a community. Here are a few steps we can take to embark on this noble mission:

Awareness and Outreach:

Spread awareness among the people of Kumbakonam and beyond about the temple’s condition and the need for restoration. Utilize social media, local publications, and community gatherings to garner support and generate enthusiasm.

Collaborative Efforts:

Form a dedicated committee comprising individuals passionate about preserving our heritage. Seek assistance from historical preservation organizations, architects, and experts in temple restoration to develop a comprehensive renovation plan.

Fundraising Initiatives:

Organize fundraising events, both locally and globally, to gather the necessary financial resources for the restoration project. Encourage donations from philanthropists, spiritual organizations, and individuals who understand the cultural significance of ancient temples.

Volunteering and Skill-sharing:

Mobilize volunteers who can contribute their time, skills, and expertise to the restoration process. Encourage artists, sculptors, historians, and devotees to lend their talents, ensuring an authentic restoration that honors the temple’s original splendor.

Sustainable Maintenance:

Establish a long-term maintenance plan to ensure the temple’s continuous care after restoration. Regular upkeep, periodic inspections, and community involvement in the temple’s daily operations will safeguard its legacy for future generations.


The Thukkachi Abatsahayesvar Temple, a symbol of our rich spiritual heritage, is crying out for restoration and rejuvenation. As the custodians of this glorious past, it is our sacred duty to answer this call and embark on the journey of reviving its magnificence. Let us unite, following the wisdom of Kanchi Maha Periya, to restore not only this ancient temple but also countless others, preserving their spiritual energy for generations to come. Together, we can ignite a renaissance of devotion and reclaim our cultural identity, one temple at a time.

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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