Exploring the Profound Wisdom of the Indian Mystic Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa: ‘Joto Moto Toto Poth’

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Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, a 19th-century Indian mystic and spiritual luminary, left behind a legacy of profound teachings and sayings that continue to inspire and guide people on their spiritual journeys. Among his many teachings, one saying stands out for its simplicity and depth: “Joto Moto Toto Poth,” which translates to “As many faiths, so many paths.” In this blog post, we will delve into the wisdom encapsulated in this famous Bengali saying and explore its relevance in our lives today.

The Essence of ‘Joto Moto Toto Poth’

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s “Joto Moto Toto Poth” encapsulates the universal truth that there are countless paths to reach the divine. It emphasizes the inclusivity of spiritual paths, acknowledging that people from diverse cultural backgrounds and belief systems can attain spiritual realization through their respective faiths.

  1. Diversity in Spiritual Paths: One of the key messages of this saying is that the spiritual journey is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Just as there are myriad faiths and belief systems in the world, there are equally diverse ways to connect with the divine. Whether you are a follower of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, or any other religion, you have the potential to attain spiritual realization.
  2. Respect for All Religions: Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was known for his deep respect and reverence for all religions. He believed that every religion is a unique path to the same ultimate truth, and therefore, it is important to honor and respect the beliefs of others. “Joto Moto Toto Poth” encourages us to embrace religious diversity and promote tolerance and understanding among different faith communities.
  3. Personalized Spirituality: This saying also underscores the importance of personal choice in one’s spiritual journey. It recognizes that each individual may resonate with a particular spiritual path or tradition, and that’s perfectly valid. The diversity of spiritual paths allows people to find the one that resonates most with their unique spiritual needs and aspirations.
  4. Unity in Diversity: In a world often divided by religious and cultural differences, “Joto Moto Toto Poth” reminds us of the underlying unity that transcends these divisions. It encourages us to look beyond the superficial distinctions and recognize the common thread of spirituality that runs through all faiths.

Relevance Today

The wisdom of “Joto Moto Toto Poth” remains as relevant today as it was during Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s time. In a globalized world where people of different faiths and backgrounds interact more than ever before, understanding and respecting diverse spiritual paths is essential for promoting harmony, peace, and coexistence.

  1. Interfaith Dialogue: The saying encourages interfaith dialogue, where people from various religious backgrounds come together to share their beliefs, learn from each other, and find common ground. Such dialogue fosters mutual respect and helps dispel misunderstandings and prejudices.
  2. Promoting Tolerance: Embracing the idea that there are many paths to the divine can lead to greater tolerance and acceptance of differing beliefs. This, in turn, can contribute to a more inclusive and harmonious society.
  3. Personal Growth: On a personal level, “Joto Moto Toto Poth” encourages individuals to explore their spirituality and seek a path that resonates deeply with their hearts. This can lead to personal growth, inner peace, and a sense of purpose.


Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s saying, “Joto Moto Toto Poth,” teaches us a profound lesson about the diversity of spiritual paths and the importance of respecting and embracing this diversity. It is a reminder that, despite our differences, we are all on a journey to seek the divine and find meaning in our lives. By recognizing the multitude of paths that lead to spiritual realization, we can cultivate a more inclusive and compassionate world where people of all faiths can coexist harmoniously.

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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