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Awe-Inspiring Khavda Pottery Of Gujarat

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ॐ श्री गणाधिपतये नमः

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Khavda pottery making

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‘Khavda’ Pottery is an Art-Form of Khavda in the North Kutch Region of Gujarat in West India. While the men do all the throwing in terracotta, the women handle all the surface decoration, which in this northern Kutch village of Ludia, is primarily in the form of painting.  

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Every region in India has its own style of pottery, with unique design and unique handicrafts, both for the purpose of utility and decoration.

Have a look at some of the marvels of Khavda pottery of Gujarat here, presented right underneath.

The awe-inspiring creative work of the master-craftsmen of our country India is truly commendable. Let their brilliance and creativity reach every nook and corner of this planet through these humble blog-pages.

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The Khavda potter gets mud from a specific lake area near village, known as ‘Rann ka mitti’. This soft clay is shaped into a pot on a potter’s wheel and left to dry in shade. Then Kumbhar women, the women of potter community, use red, black, and white clay-based paints, to decorate each piece of pottery with distinct designs. 

After a while, the pots are cleaned and put in the sun to dry and then baked in a furnace. The vessels are coated with a thin wash of Geru (Red Colour). The pots of Khavda get their red colour from this red Geru, which is a type of soil. And the black and white dots and stripes on the pots, are also made with natural material.

The Terracotta pots of Khavda are distinct from the ones we may see elsewhere in other parts of India, because of their painting and form, which is the result of repeated cleaning at every stage of the process of their making.

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More information on Khavda Pottery of Gujarat, will follow soon. Please stay tuned.

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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