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The Victoria Memorial Hall is a memorial building dedicated to Queen Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom. It is located in Kolkata, the state-capital of West Bengal in India. Kolakata ( earlier Calcutta ) was the former capital of British India. The memorial serves as a museum and a great tourist attraction.

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Victoria memorial was designed by the Bristish Architect Sir William Emerson using Indo-Saracenic style, incorporating Mughal elements in the structure. The design of the structure represents a fusion of British and Mughal architecture.

The massive Victoria Memorial stands enclosed within 64 acres of blooming gardens. It houses a museum containing a large collection of memorabilia relating to Queen Victoria and the British presence in India as well as other exhibits. The Memorial also contains a Royal Gallery housing a number of portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and paintings illustrating their lives.

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After India gained independence in the year 1947, certain additions were made to the Victoria Memorial. These additions formed National Leader’s Gallery, containing the portraits and relics relating to Indian independence.

The Memorial is the largest repository in India for a visual history of Calcutta. It also has a large collection of paintings, sculptures and manuscripts from the British period in India.

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Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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