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Tansen Sangeet Samaroh / Tansen Samaroh : A 4-day Spectacular Annual Indian Classical Musical Extravaganza, Held in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

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Tansen Samaroh or Tansen Sangeet Samaroh is celebrated every year in the month of December in Behat village of Gwalior district, Madhya Pradesh. It is a 4-day musical extravaganza. Artists and music lovers from all over the world gather here to pay tribute to the Great Indian Musical Maestro Tansen. The event is organized near the tomb of Tansen by ‘Ustad Alauddin Khan Kala Evam Sangeet Academy’, under the department of culture, Government of Madhya Pradesh. Artists from all over India are invited to deliver vocal and instrumental performances. 

Tansen Samaroh was originally a local festival in Gwalior, but it was at the initiative of BV Keskar, who was Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting between 1952 and 1962, that Tansen Samaroh was turned into a popular national music festival.

The prestigious ‘National Tansen Samman’ is a musical award conferred to the exponents of Hindustani Music in this festival. Awardees 

Tansen Samaroh is a platform where artists from all over India, gather and participate to deliver vocal and instrumental musical performances. Complete environment during the festival turns mystical with melodious music echoing all around. Music lovers from far and wide make it a point to be a part of this spectacular festival.

The Tansen Sangeet Samaroh is organized by the Government of MP, in association with the Academy of the Department of Culture in MP.

During the festival, music lovers and artists from all over the world gather here to offer their bit of tribute to the all time music maestro Tansen.

Till date this festival has the honor of being the first and only musical show that goes for days and nights.
The academy offers honors to senior celebrities and junior artists by including them in the Samaroh through their musical performance.

The passage of time has only glorified the status of this annual historical event. At present renowned artists from all over the country come here to perform and exhibit their excellence in turn mesmerizing the audience. The venue Gwalior so chosen has retained Indian traditions and the wealth of music intact over the years.The famous Gwalior Gharana of music is actually inspired by the Tansen style of Music.


Tansen, a legendary exponent of the Hindustani classical music’s Dhrupad style, and member of emperor Akbar’s Mughal court, was counted amongst the nine jewels of the royal court.

The magic of his melodious voice was so intense that it made clouds rain with joy. His Ragaswould light up lamps and held birds and animals spellbound. In remembrance of this exemplary artist there is a tomb constructed in Gwalior called the Tansen tomb. This is where the Tansen Music Festival or the Tansen Samaroh is organized every year. This annual music festival started way back in 1930s.

Time of Celebration

The Tansen Music festival or Tansen Samaroh is held every year in the month of December. The experience of melodious music with chilling weather of autumn makes it an ecstatic & memorable experience.

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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