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ॐ श्री गुरुभ्यो नमःॐ श्री शिवानन्दाय नमः ॐ श्री चिदानन्दाय नमः

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Blogger Mala Chandrashekhar standing next to a Tanjore Painting in Bangalore
Have a look at the ageless, timeless artistic treasures of India below the following write-up :
India, as we all know, is a country with an extremely glorious cultural-heritage. Our ethnic arts, crafts, textiles, sculpture, temple- architecture etc are truly timeless, ageless.
Every corner in this vast & culturally vibrant country, is a massive treasure-trove of ethnic arts, crafts, textiles, temples, hand-woven carpets, Mughul Monuments, Sikh Gurudwaras, Christian Churches, Buddhist Monastries, Auditoriums of Classical Music & Classical Dance, Massive Yoga Centres, Ayurvedic Centres & Ayurvedic Spas, Heritage Hotels, British Architectural Marvels, Dravidian Architectural Marvels, Persian Architectural Marvels, Awe-inspiring Royal Palaces & Rajput Forts, and so on & so forth. The list is indeed endless.
We have so many cash rich Corporate Giants in this country, but very few with genuine interest to promote the timeless, ageless art-forms of our nation, in the real ‘Corporate Style’ of the 21st century.
The only organizations, that are promoting this kind of work sincerely & relentlessly in their own humble way, are the State Government Handicrafts Emporiums  and Government Hand-loom Houses of The Government of India. 
These Government Emporiums & Government-run Hand-loom Houses do have an awe-inspiring collection of exquisite handicrafts. But they are not familiar with the aggressive marketing strategies, and the new-age digital marketing techniques, of the technolgy-driven 21tst century, that which is the very way of life within the Private-Sector Giants of India, so that huge unprecedented demands could be created for these ethnic items of India worldwide, reaching every nook & corner of this planet. 


Neither do these Government-run showrooms have all the 21st century expertise, or at least huge funds to design and develop a captivating and inviting online retail showroom , like the Mega Online Store & the likes, and subsequently promote the online showrooms digitally around the globe, along with their usual age-old traditional techniques, so that even without visiting this country, customers from every corner of our planet, can have an enjoyable, thrilling experience of shopping in our country, with just a desktop, laptop, i-Pad or smartphone in front.

I am an Ex Indian Armed Forces Doctor’s wife, and have stayed across the length and breadth of India, during my husband’s tenure in the Indian Armed Forces Medical Corps. I am therefore, well familiar with the rich cultural heritage, and ethnic arts, crafts, textiles etc of every nook and corner of this vast, culturally rich, vibrant  country. Every region in our country abounds in amazingly beautiful artistic treasures, and has something or other to offer, to the art & beauty loving global customer, be it handicrafts or hand-looms, or hand-made carpets, or even the irresistible, mouth-watering regional cuisine.
There is a small village called Krishnanagar in a remote corner in the interiors of West Bengal in the Eastern part of India. The artisans in this village make such ‘Mesmerizing Life-like Clay Models‘, that any onlooker would feel, these clay dolls would come to life anytime. The themes are mostly from rural Bengal. How many people in India itself know about these locations on the map of India, and how many really are aware about these awe-inspiring crafts, leave apart people from other countries? 
The North Eastern States in India, have such stunningly beautiful, mind boggling ‘Cane and Bamboo Artifacts‘. Every single furniture, every single fruit basket, every single wall-hanging of this region of India, is so artistically designed with cane that any onlooker would  gaze spellbound at these creations, if one ever visits the interiors of this remote region. These are just a miniscule example of the enormous artistic treasures that India really has.
Engraved furniture of Saharanpur, Woolen carpets of Bhadohi, Brass work of Moradabad, Bronze Statues of Swamimalai, Kangra paintings of Himachal, Kalamkari paintings of Andhra Pradesh, Pichwai paintings of Rajasthan, Silk Carpets of Kashmir, Intricate Glass embroidery work of Banaskantha, Exotic Cora mats of Patthamadai, Hornwork of Parlakhemundi, Coir & banana fibre work of Kerala, Sandalwood & Shivaniwood carvings of Karnataka, Applique work of Odisha, Chinhat and Khurja pottery of Uttar Pradesh, Blue Pottery of Rajasthan…..the list of stunningly beautiful handicrafts, hand-loom, hand-printed, and hand-embroidered textiles across the lenth & breadth of Indian Subcontinent, is simply endless, and even one whole lifetime of an ordinary mortal, may perhaps not be sufficient, to explore these unfathomable artistic marvels of India fully.
In my own humble way, I have created this blog ( ) a couple of years back, so that all of us, both people of India & of Indian origin, and the true lovers of the rich cultural heritage of India of any national origin, may contribute in our own small, simple, humble ways, whatever we can, for preserving the glorious cultural heritage of India, and prevent the ageless, timeless arts, crafts, textiles etc of India, from going permanently extinct from this planet.
Many of the brilliant, immensely creative artisans and weavers of India these days, are shifting to extremely menial jobs, that require absolutely no creativity or talent, for their day to day livelihood, leaving aside their  centuries old, beautiful, creative traditional professions of their forefathers.
I would be eternally grateful, if my readers here would provide me with world-class digital pictures on this subject-matter, so that the flame of this blog on the cultural heritage of India, with growing popularity everyday, could be kept ablaze, for a very very long time to come, extending to the most far-off future.
Thanks & Best Regards to all my dearest readers.
So Long,
Mala Chandrashekhar
Here is a small, microscopic glimpse of some of the  artistic marvels and treasures of one of the most ancient civilizations of this planet; the ageless, timeless Indian Civilization  :
Clay Dolls of Krishnanagar, West Bengal, Eastern India
Patola Saree of Patan in Gujarat, Western India
Tanjore Painting of TamilNadu, Southern India
Chola Bronze Statue of Tanjore, Southern India
Chola Bronze Statue of Tanjore, Southern India
Chola Bronze Statue of Tanjore, Southern India

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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