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HIMSAGAR: The Crown Jewel of Mangoes, a West Bengal Pride, and the Key Ingredient in Countless Delectable Indian Delicacies

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ॐ श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः ॐ श्री शिवानन्दाय नमः ॐ श्री चिदानन्दाय नमःॐ श्री दुर्गायै नमः 

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Himsagar is an extremely popular mango , grown in the State of West Bengal in India, and in Rajshahi in Bangladesh. It is considered by most to be the most superior of all mangoes  in the world in terms of taste and aroma.

It has a sweet aroma and is musky sweet in taste. It is often considered as the ‘King of Mangoes’. The inside is yellow to orange in colour and does not have any fibre.

The fruit is medium-sized and weighs between 250 and 350 grams, out of which the pulp content is around 77%. It can be preserved for a long time.

The taste of Himsagar is considered as the best among all the mangoes, surpassing the world famous Alphonso and Langra Mangoes.

People have written thousands of poems and songs about this much loved fruit. A summer in Eastern India is absolutely meaningless without enjoying Himsagar.

Himsagar ripens in June and is available in the market from the second week of June to the end of June. It is mainly grown in the districts of Nadia, Murshidabad, Maldah and Hooghly.

It is also cultivated in Odisha and in Bihar where this variety of Mango is generally called Maldahi, after the core area of its cultivation, the district of Maldah in West Bengal.

Spread India's Glorious Cultural & Spiritual Heritage

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